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Water 4 Life Program
The Water-4-Life program is a very unique and important feature of Aquasana Water Systems. Like any filter, whether it be the filter in your central heating and air conditioning system or the oil filter in your car, water filter cartridges must be replaced at the appropriate time in order to get the desired results.

The problem most of us have is remembering when these cartridges are supposed to be replaced, unless we have some kind of reminder. The Water-4-Life program is designed to not only remind you when to replace the filter cartridges, but also to reward you for using this convenient program.

Here's how it works...

When you sign up on the Water-4-Life program you will be reminded to change your water filters every 6 months.

Instead of you having to keep track of when your filters are due for replacement, and paying the regular price plus shipping, you get 10% discount plus FREE shipping.

As an added incentive, the Water-4-Life program also offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  This means that Bautec will maintain your water filter for life!

If anything ever goes wrong with your Aquasana water filter, we will replace any part for a small postage and handling charge. You will never need to purchase a new Aquasana water filter as we promise to maintain yours for life.

You will also receive FREE product upgrades to keep your Aquasana filter system in new condition. You will receive standard upgrade parts such as new o-rings, washers and any updated parts whenever you need them.

Benefits: You get convenience, cost savings, free upgrades and the best customer support any company could offer. Our Water-4-Life members are the core of our business, we do everything possible to keep them happy!

But the best part of the Water-4-Life program is that you'll be assured of a constant supply of pure healthy water for you and your family… "4 - Life!"

Just fill out the Water-4-Life enrolment form within 30 days of your purchase… and we'll do the rest.

The Water-4-Life enrolment form is included with each Aquasana product.

Distributed in South Africa by Bautec Appliances      Tel: 0860-102-966
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AQUASANA, RHINO, AQ-4000, AQ-4100, EQ-300 and WATER 4 LIFE  are registered trade marks of Sun Water Systems, Inc, USA.
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