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Great tasting water from your own tap
AQUASANA, RHINO, AQ-4000, AQ-4100, EQ-300 and WATER 4 LIFE  are registered trade marks of Sun Water Systems, Inc, USA.
2-Stage Water Filter
Designed to be the best performing filter on the market, our newest drinking water system provides superior water filtration and is now NSF Certified to remove 97% of chlorine and chloramines.

High performance filtration

for clean, healthy great-tasting water from the convenience of your tap. Our new 2-stage drinking water filtration system uses NSF Certified Claryum™ filtration technology to remove over 97% of chlorine and chloramines in addition to lead, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides and many more, reducing over 60 common water contaminants.

Faster flow rate
provides clean, healthy water fast! The Aquasana 2-stage water filter features a 25% increase in flow rate to 0.5 gallons per minute.

Easy to install
and includes everything you need to get delicious filtered water from the convenience of your tap in less than an hour.

Easy-change filters
make replacements a snap! Intelligently engineered so all you need to do is a simple quarter turn of the new cartridge housing for easy removal. No need to disconnect hoses or water lines.

Eco-friendly system design
reduces plastic waste by minimizing disposable plastic parts.

New performance indicating device
alerts you when it's time to change your filter. No more guessing if and when you need to replace your

Product Specifications
Height: 228mm
Length: 202mm
Depth: 105mm
Inlet: 6mm
Outlet: 6mm
Max flow rate: 1.8 litres per minute
Filter capacity: 1900 l or 6 months.

Aquasana 2-Stage Under Counter Drinking Water Filter

How it works
Aquasana Claryum™ filtration technology scientifically sequences several different technologies to achieve industry leading results. Activated carbon, catalytic carbon, ion-exchange and 0.5 micron mechanical filtration remove impurities while selectively leaving the healthy minerals in the water.

Catalytic Carbon
Reduces chloramines - the by-product of chlorine and ammonia used in water disinfection. Rand Water  and other households are delivered water treated with chloramines.

Activated Carbon
Reduces organic chemicals: pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals, MTBE , disinfectant by-products and other chemicals for improved taste and elimination of odors.

Reduces heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Sub-micron (0.5) mechanicalfiltration
Reduces chlorine resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia.

Healthy Living Starts with Healthy Water

Your water becomes contaminated from a variety of sources throughout the process of collection, treatment and delivery. From groundwater contamination at the source to chemical contamination at the treatment facility to rust and lead contamination as the treated water travels through pipes to your home, the water you drink and bathe in can contain dangerous levels of harmful contamination.

In the last few years many municipal water treatment plants have switched to chloramines, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, due to their ability to disinfect water for longer periods of time. When these disinfectants interact with the organic materials in water, disinfection byproducts are created. Many of these byproducts are thought to cause gastric or liver cancer, or pose other health risks.
The ongoing use of harmful disinfectants and the continuing level of environmental contamination make filtering your water a critical component of maintaining your health.