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If you have a question that is not answered below that pertains either to water or an Aquasana product, you may email us at info@aquasana.co.za

For water specific questions, check our Water FAQ's.

Question: Do the Aquasana products remove fluoride?

Both the AQ-4000 and the EQ-300 will reduce fluoride by 40-60%. This is accomplished with the activated coconut shell carbon. Activated carbon will remove 2 of the 4 fluorine isotopes, which will typically lower fluoride levels to below .5 ppm.

Recent article about Fluoride

What Michigan State University has to say about fluoride removal with activated carbon

Question: How do I remove the A-cartridge from the AQ-4000 if it is stuck?Answer:

Because it is very improtant that the A-cartridge not be bypassed by the untreated water, the AQ-4000 forces a strong seal on the A-cartridge. If you are having difficulties removing your A-cartridge, all you need to do is fold up a towel on your kitchen counter, and with the A-cap removed, give the filter a light tap on the counter, and the cartridge should jump right out. If this does not work for you, please call our tech support at 0860-1025-966

Question: If I'm the only one using the filter, can I wait 12 months to change the cartridges?

The AQ-4000 is certified to treat 1900 litres, which means that we had to prove the performance through 3800 litres to give you a built in safety window. Even a family of 6 is unlikely to use a full 1000 gallons in a six month period. Carbon is the building block of life, and will allow bacteria to colonize on its surface as soon as it gets wet. Unlike the AQ-4100 and EQ-300 which use KDF-55 (55% copper, 45% zinc), the AQ-4000 does not contain anything to inhibit bacteria growth. We no longer use KDF-55 in drinking water filters because high levels of copper are not good for the brain. Some companies use silver to prevent bacteria build-up, but recent studies have shown that silver has similar health effects to lead. Silver collects in the left testicle or the left ovary and can cause hypertension, brain damage, and other negative health effects. Companies that use silver in their cartridges must register their products with the FDA as a pesticide. Because there is nothing toxic in our cartridges to prevent bacteria growth, the AQ-4000 will reach detectable levels of
heterotrophic bacteria after 7-8 months, and dangerous levels after 12-14 months. To prevent bacteria build-up, the AQ-4000's cartridges should be changed every 6 months, regardless of use. The KDF-55 used in the AQ-4100 and the EQ-300 prevents them from growing bacteria, so a single person using the AQ-4100 Pure Shower System can go a full year between cartridge replacements, and the Rhino EQ-300 can be used until your water bill shows that you've used over 1,150,000 litres.

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