AQUASANA, RHINO, AQ-4000, AQ-4100, EQ-300 and WATER 4 LIFE  are registered trade marks of Sun Water Systems, Inc, USA.
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Replacement Filters
Aquasana Drinking Water System > more info
Model # AQ-4000
Desc :
AQ-4000 Dual-Filter Drinking Water System complete with twin filter cartridges‚ chrome faucet diverter and easy to follow instructions. Installs in seconds, switch from filtered to unfiltered with the touch of a button.
Voted Best Buy 2003/2004/2005/2006/2007 By Consumers Digest Magazine
100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Aquasana Shower Filter > more info
Model # AQ-4100
Desc :
The Aquasana Shower Filter.
Softer skin & hair in 1 week, guaranteed!
A truly amazing product!
Its like showering in natural spring water

Voted Best buy 2006 by Consumers digest magazine USA
Under Sink Install Kit For AQ-4000 > more info

Model # AQ-4050
Desc :
Aquasana Under-sink Installation Kit, For under-sink installation of the Aquasana AQ-4000 counter-top filter system.(SOLD SEPARATELY)
Complete with mounting bracket, chrome faucet and install fittings.
Pure Water at the touch of a button!
Whole House Water Filter System > more info
Model # EQ-300
Desc :
The Rhino EQ-300 Wholehouse Water Filtration System is the ultimate home appliance! Healthy water throughout the entire household.

Drink, shower, bathe, LIVE in pure, healthy water!
Sport bottle
Purity Sport Bottle Filter
Model # PSB3
Desc :
Deluxe 20 oz. Sport Bottle with Dyno-Flex gripper band, twist off top and internal filter cartridges.
Comes with 3 filter cartridges/6 month supply!
Filters out chlorine, lead, bad tastes and odor... for pure healthy water on the go!
replacement filters
replacement shower filter
Filter Replacement Kit For Aquasana AQ-4000
Model # 4025

Desc :
Aquasana AQ-4000 Drinking Water Filter Replacement Cartridges A & B, Lasts 6 months/ 1900 L New Cartridge O-rings also included

Shower Filter Replacement Filters For AQ-4100

Model # 4125
Desc :
Aquasana Deluxe 2 Stage Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge (1). Comes with easy to follow replacement instructions.
Lasts 6 months!


Sport Bottle Replacement Filters

Model # PSB3-R
Desc :
Purity Sport Bottle Filter Replacement Cartridges (3 Pack)
A 6 month supply (each cartridge lasts 60 days)
EQ-300R Main Filter Unit Replacement

Desc :
High capacity, 3 yr./ 1,150,000 L main filter replacement.For the Rhino EQ-300 Whole House Filter System.
Performance certified by UL,
Distributed in South Africa by Bautec Appliances      Tel: 0860-102-966
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Great tasting water from your own tap
Deluxe In-Line water filter
Model # EQ-7000
Deluxe Inline Water Filter produces naturally healthy water for drinking, cooking, ice and beverages.
Provides Filtered Water for icemakers, refrigerators, water fountains, water coolers and more!
Filters out
chlorine, lead, VOC's, THM's, cysts, turbidity and most other tap water contaminants using compressed carbon, ion exchange and sub micron filtration.

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