Aquasana Whole House Water Filter
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Why Aquasana
EQ-300 Whole House Filter
Stage 1 Filters out chlorine with a patented zinc/copper mineral media.

Stage 2 enhances taste and clarity with bituminous charcoal.

Stage 3 uses a high grade coconut shell carbon.

No backflushing.
No wasted water.
Improves indoor air quality.
Virtually no maintenance.
Lengthens life of plumbing fixtures and appliances.
30 L per minute, on demand flow rate, means no pressure drop!

Rhino Installed
Bath Water
The Rhino EQ-300 Wholehouse Water Filtration System is the ultimate home appliance! Healthy water throughout the entire household for about 1c per litre

Drink, shower, bathe, LIVE in pure, healthy water!

This deluxe, high capacity system has a 1,155,000. L certified capacity, the best value of any Whole House Water Filtration System in America!

4 stage filtration process supplies better than bottled water quality throughout the entire household for only cents a day.

Comes complete with main filter unit, pre-filter, installation kit, shut-off valve and required hardware. The Rhino requires only 111cm of vertical clearance and has a diameter of 220mm at the base. Typical installation is 1-2 hours by a licensed plumber, and is usually done in your garage.

The main filter unit is easily replaced, no plumber needed, every 3 years, pre-sediment filters should be changed aproximately every 3 months.

It's the most valuable and beneficial home appliance you can own!
You'll notice softer skin and hair in just a few days by bathing in chlorine/chemical free water. Give us a call at 0860102966 to find out if this is the right product for your family's water quality needs.

Distributed in South Africa by Bautec Appliances      Tel: 0860-102-966
AQUASANA, RHINO, AQ-4000, AQ-4100, EQ-300 and WATER 4 LIFE  are registered trade marks of Sun Water Systems, Inc, USA.
Great tasting water from your own tap